Blessings Unlimited ~ Grace and Gratitude Tea Party Collection

Maybe it is a tad late for Mother's Day ( unless your your mom, wife, or grandmother wouldn't mind) ~ but it's a perfect time to bless someone special with this lovely set of cups and saucers and cake stand ~ as  gifts* for graduation, weddings, and birthdays. http://myblessingsunlimited.net/operationblessingbrigade

The lovely tea cup and saucer sets, and the gorgeous small cakestand, are on sale this month until May 31 at latest. I hope you will take advantage of this wonderful Sale Price and sweet gift that any woman would most likely appreciate.

*Special Note: With any sales during May, a portion of proceeds will go as a donation to a Florida safe house for young girls rescued from human trafficking.  With that in mind, I would like to encourage you to pass the above link and this sale on to your friends, family, and co-workers.

We also have several items in our catalogs that are dedicated to fundraising for Compassion International, which are clearly marked in the catalog as such ( after clicking the link, click SHOP, then look on left side bar for the words Be Compassionate...these items are those dedicated to Compassion International fundraising. ) You will see reviews on this site for many products that I support , but any brand that also gives to charities I support may have more product buzz than others.

For those celebrating Mothers Day this coming Sunday, my heart and prayers are with each of you.  I hope it is a wonderful day, surrounded by loved ones. For those whose mothers have passed, we stand with you in their remembrance , and pray that if you are a mother, that your day will be filled with Joy Unspeakable and sweet memories of both past and present, for the future, and the days to come.

If you would like any help with your order, please feel free to contact me. Otherwise you may just go to the link and order directly. Thank you for supporting Operation Blessing Brigade and the projects, organizations, & people we choose to bless and encourage!

Because of Grace,



Operation Blessing Brigade & Blessings Unlimited

Please forgive the lack of blogging...Even though I haven't updated here lately, we have been busy  with several projects. The latest have been finding sponsors to help in blessing and encouraging the staff, and the girls rescued from human trafficking at a Christ centered safe house... and seeking more sponsors for the care packages and letter writing campaign for 10 deployed soldiers, who really need encouragement right now.  To help fund these projects & numerous others this year, I became a consultant with Blessings Unlimited, as I previously mentioned in the Compassion post. Tomorrow, March 25, 2013 ( actually tonite it is available) the new Bible based JEWELRY line for Blessings Unlimited has been unveiled. Blessings, the faith based home decor market place direct sales division of Dayspring cards,  already carries many beautiful products. And now they have even more to help bring the good news to the world through their jewelry line.

I am excited about the Blessings Unlimited New Jewelry Product Launch!  

" Wear your faith. In love. In kindness. In generosity. In hope."
Introducing the new Reminders of Grace Jewelry Collection from Blessings Unlimited! here is a link to some of the new pieces. Please let me know if I can help you with anything.


Click SHOP then on left side bar click JEWELRY. there are 2 pages.. don't forget to go to bottom of photos and click on 2nd page also to view.

And please be assured that anything you purchase will help to support Operation Blessing Brigade and our projects of Paying it Forward. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or the other social media avenues you know me from. When you click through the above link you will see a contact form if you have any questions also.

In the coming days I will hose a FB event, fundraiser also. I will let you know about that soon.

here are just a few more pieces from their new awesome line!

Disclosure: The links in this post are affiliate links which will help to support the ongoing projects of Operation Blessing Brigade and its recipients.

Please feel free to pass on this post to your blogging and social media friends & followers in an effort of community for what we stand for. I welcome your comments.  Have a blessed Passover and Easter season with those you love... remembering the true meaning of this celebration.   

Be Blessed! Be Inspired! Be Encouraged! Be Compassionate!

Graciously,       Cathy



Blessings Unlimited....

  Join Us and Be Compassionate!

Blessings Unlimited has recently partnered with Compassion International  and their Child Survival Program to make a difference in the lives of women and their children in the Dominican Republic.

The Blessings Unlimited goal is to create Project Centers around the world, beginning with CSP 25 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Partnering with local churches, this program helps empower mothers to give their children a fighting chance for healthy development with the supplies and training provided through your donations.
Blessings Unlimited is very excited to be a partner with Compassion's Child Survival Program. The Child Survival Program is a proven way to help babies and moms in poverty survive through life-giving relationships with trained specialists who provide both physical and spiritual care. Please join us in our efforts to rescue babies and moms.
For only $20 a month you can help sponsor a project center designed to rescue, nurture, and teach young children.  This center cares for an average of 47 babies and moms each year.  They receive medical and nutritional assistance, ongoing health care, literacy and economic training,  food & supplements, parental education, social support, and loving support of a local church.
Join me and others across our nation and help empower mothers to give their children a fighting chance for healthy development.
When you make this decision and enter through my personal link you will also receive a free Compassion International T-shirt with your sponsorship.

Find your voice and learn how you can make a difference today! Together, in Jesus' name, we can break the cycle of poverty.
Please feel free to also contact me if you would like to host a fundraiser this month for Compassion International. This can be done in your home, via catalog, or online. Just click on my link and let me know how you would like to be involved.  Wishing you a blessed weekend!
  In addition, any purchase you make of the following items, a portion of proceeds will go to help support Compassion International!  Just click on item you would like.
    ....for other sizes just click here.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


Just Imagine....

As many men and women here in North America are searching for more work from home options, and at the same time, wanting to make every hour we spend doing so more valuable, we need to carefully consider the options before us. For this reason I would like to share with you today the opportunity to join me in the following company.

Just imagine.....

Imagine an opportunity to change
the face of a Nation...
Imagine the opportunity to add income
to your family through flexible hours.
Imagine leading a team to
financial freedom, new friendships,
and opportunities to travel.
Imagine yourself as a 
Blessings Unlimited Consultant.
Combining your work & faith
is an incredibly rewarding way
to live and make a living. Visit
to find out more. Please contact me today for more info! Whatever your location~Hawaii, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, the Carolina's, Texas, ... whatever state you reside in..., I am looking for fulltime & part time consultants across the nation to join my team. Prayerfully consider a Work From Home Option that gives you the opportunity to encourage and possibly change the lives of many!



Ethan Jostad & Family~ you are being prayed for!

As you know, this blog is about helping others,...paying it forward... random acts of kindness. We all have different ways of speaking of it and addressing these issues.  Forgive me for not keeping up my posting, but life hasn't been its kindest these last couple months. As we mourn for our nation and the families of the precious heroes who lost their lives this week in the battle zone, we also grieve for those suffering here in hospitals and homes around the country... battling terrible & difficult disease and injuries... Right now I would like to acquaint you, if you aren't already in touch with, 9 yr old Ethan Jostad. Ethan is dieing in a hospital in Oregon with cancer having ravished his body. He is suffering greatly as is his family as they witness this terrible disease and its cruelty.  I ask that you pray for him and think of him and his family  in the days ahead. Please pray for healing, mercy, comfort, understanding, and wisdom... If you would like to learn more about him you can go to his CaringBridge site...

You may write a personal note of encouragement to him , or his family, or send donations to:

Jostad Family
382 Westminster Dr.
Eagle Point, OR 97524

Their names:  Ethan- age 9
Dad- Chris
Mom- Kim
Brother- Tanner
Sister- Ella

email:  jostad@charter.net

Thanks for caring and adding encouragement to others lives. One person can make a difference... You never know how much a card, letter, email, a little gift means to those that are suffering...Thank you! PS.. I appreciate comments and sharing this article with your friends and family.  Love life! Appreciate every day you are given.. life is a gift!
** photo copyright CathyB ~ A Boy and His Dog  summer 2010



Welcome to Operation Blessing Brigade ...a team that believes when we work together, great things can be accomplished!

As many of you that know me realize, this "Operation" has been going on continually, even though the website had't been updated.  Operation Blessing Brigade was actually rebirthed from ProjectHope which  operated for several years... individual to individual... bringing hope and help into the lives of those that not only had physical and financial needs, but also bringing encouragement to those that needed it....just because!...With my own daily battles in fighting for my life with life-threatening spinal tumors eating through my spine and other disabling illness accompanied by pain, I have to admit I don't always accomplish everything I would like to. But, I am happy to say that our team is growing now and now I have 2 other precious ladies in other states that have come on board with me... Thank you Judy and Alberta!

So I will put together a much nicer intro later, but until then, here is the newest project at hand! Anyone that can help in anyway... corporate sponsors, site sponsors, product sponsors and reviews... PLEASE contact me asap so we can get more people involved in helping to reach the needs of others around the country. I have several projects that need addressing soon, but the first urgent one is as follows.

The precious Military family in Ft Hood, TX lost their home and everything they owned last Wednesday. Many people are suffering tragic losses right now around our country... some from floods, some from tornadoes, some from fires, some from medical problems, some from loss of family members serving in the armed forces that have given their lives for the sake of others.  Our hearts and prayers go out to each and every family at this difficult time for each of them personally.

But todays  Operation is that our Brigade wants to help be a Blessing to this precious family in Ft. Hood. At this time the husband is deployed overseas. In the home were his wife, his 3 children, and his sister inlaw  who is staying with them while her own husband is in in basic training.  They lost EVERYTHING! That includes everything this dear serviceman owned also!  While some of their local friends have been pooling together in such sweetness to gather up some  used clothes & other necessitites in the last couple days, our Mission is to wrangle up both individual and corporate sponsors who are willing to meet this battle head-on with helping in NEW donations to help get this family up and running, and with NEW beginnings and HOPE.  This Military family is sacrificing for others daily... let's show them our thanks and BRING THEM A BLESSING!

If you or anyone you know can help, please contact us at   OperationBlessingBrigade@gmail.com or leave a message here in the comment section.

Immediate Needs: (NEW PLEASE)...


LADIES ~ SIZES 0,2, and 16 for pants and dresses.

                  SIZES MED, LG, AND XL in SHIRTS, BLOUSES.

                  LADIES SHOES ~ SIZE 9M


BOY SIZE 5/6                       BOYS SHOES SZ  11.5M


GIRLS SHOES      SZ    6/7M  &   8/10M


 PANTS      SIZE   32W  34L 


They are staying in temporary housing for the next week or two while the Base secures more permanent housing for them on Base.  So our mission is also to work on all the other things that need to be replaced over the next few days.  Some of things are:


**CAMERA**  This is my personal request for them as they start new beginnings... I am sure they lost all their photos..
**RESTAURANT GIFT CARDS** for family of 6..but anything will help... Gift Cards for CHIKFILA, Subway, Starbucks, OliveGarden  or anything like that  would be awesome! Remember , even a $5 GC is helpful.. 7-8 people give a $5 GC and it covers everyone...
**GROCERY GIFT CARDS ~ this is very important as being in transition is very costly... I know from first hand experience. They have lost all their kitchen basics and pantry supplies.
    They use local GROCERY STORES :    HEB    &   WALMART 

I will get back to you with more updates as needed. Until then, THANK YOU!!   I am looking forward to your prayers and answers to this CALL TO SERVICE for this DESERVING MILITARY FAMILY!

***Special Note: Corporate Sponsors will receive banner ad recognition in thanks for their help!*** Contact me for details.

~   Until later,      Cathy & team Operation Blessing Brigade

 **UPDATE ~ If you are in the Massachusetts area and would like to work with someone local,  please contact team member ~ Judy M at  OperationBlessingBrigadeMA@gmail.com   ~ 
Remember one by one, we can help bless this family! Your part in this mission is important!