Ethan Jostad & Family~ you are being prayed for!

As you know, this blog is about helping others,...paying it forward... random acts of kindness. We all have different ways of speaking of it and addressing these issues.  Forgive me for not keeping up my posting, but life hasn't been its kindest these last couple months. As we mourn for our nation and the families of the precious heroes who lost their lives this week in the battle zone, we also grieve for those suffering here in hospitals and homes around the country... battling terrible & difficult disease and injuries... Right now I would like to acquaint you, if you aren't already in touch with, 9 yr old Ethan Jostad. Ethan is dieing in a hospital in Oregon with cancer having ravished his body. He is suffering greatly as is his family as they witness this terrible disease and its cruelty.  I ask that you pray for him and think of him and his family  in the days ahead. Please pray for healing, mercy, comfort, understanding, and wisdom... If you would like to learn more about him you can go to his CaringBridge site...

You may write a personal note of encouragement to him , or his family, or send donations to:

Jostad Family
382 Westminster Dr.
Eagle Point, OR 97524

Their names:  Ethan- age 9
Dad- Chris
Mom- Kim
Brother- Tanner
Sister- Ella

email:  jostad@charter.net

Thanks for caring and adding encouragement to others lives. One person can make a difference... You never know how much a card, letter, email, a little gift means to those that are suffering...Thank you! PS.. I appreciate comments and sharing this article with your friends and family.  Love life! Appreciate every day you are given.. life is a gift!
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  1. This is a very kind thing you are doing. Thanks for dropping by my blog.Hope today finds you feeling well.

  2. You are the best; and it does take so little to make a difference in someones life.

    Happy Mothers Day!

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