Operation Blessing Brigade & Blessings Unlimited

Please forgive the lack of blogging...Even though I haven't updated here lately, we have been busy  with several projects. The latest have been finding sponsors to help in blessing and encouraging the staff, and the girls rescued from human trafficking at a Christ centered safe house... and seeking more sponsors for the care packages and letter writing campaign for 10 deployed soldiers, who really need encouragement right now.  To help fund these projects & numerous others this year, I became a consultant with Blessings Unlimited, as I previously mentioned in the Compassion post. Tomorrow, March 25, 2013 ( actually tonite it is available) the new Bible based JEWELRY line for Blessings Unlimited has been unveiled. Blessings, the faith based home decor market place direct sales division of Dayspring cards,  already carries many beautiful products. And now they have even more to help bring the good news to the world through their jewelry line.

I am excited about the Blessings Unlimited New Jewelry Product Launch!  

" Wear your faith. In love. In kindness. In generosity. In hope."
Introducing the new Reminders of Grace Jewelry Collection from Blessings Unlimited! here is a link to some of the new pieces. Please let me know if I can help you with anything.


Click SHOP then on left side bar click JEWELRY. there are 2 pages.. don't forget to go to bottom of photos and click on 2nd page also to view.

And please be assured that anything you purchase will help to support Operation Blessing Brigade and our projects of Paying it Forward. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or the other social media avenues you know me from. When you click through the above link you will see a contact form if you have any questions also.

In the coming days I will hose a FB event, fundraiser also. I will let you know about that soon.

here are just a few more pieces from their new awesome line!

Disclosure: The links in this post are affiliate links which will help to support the ongoing projects of Operation Blessing Brigade and its recipients.

Please feel free to pass on this post to your blogging and social media friends & followers in an effort of community for what we stand for. I welcome your comments.  Have a blessed Passover and Easter season with those you love... remembering the true meaning of this celebration.   

Be Blessed! Be Inspired! Be Encouraged! Be Compassionate!

Graciously,       Cathy


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